My Story

I began my “official” selling career the hard way in 1989 when I was “hired” to cold call on the streets of Boston in the office equipment industry. They told me that if I visited 50 businesses a day, that I would do really well. I figured that all I had to do was go out, meet lots of people, and I could make a good living at it too? I’m in!

I soon realized that it wasn’t that easy….

So, I had to come up with a way to have people talk with me because I just knew that I could help them – if I could just meet with them. I figured people are tired of the same old sales approaches. They liked to have fun, they wanted to be treated fairly and appreciated – that’s it.

For my customers I’ve done all sorts of fun things:

I’ve delivered ice-cold buckets of slush, personalized cupcakes, 3 foot-long sandwiches, a few “deflated” footballs and even a few papers from the day after the Patriots won the Super Bowl, the Red Sox won the World Series, or the Bruins won the Stanley Cup.

Now, why did I do all of those things? I didn’t just want to meet with them – I wanted to brighten their day! They were human too, and I know business can be extremely stressful, so I wanted to simply put a smile on their faces.

So, here it is, many, many years later – I literally can’t even count how many customers I have that have turned into good friends, and I follow the same approach that I developed in the late 80’s at age 25:

Have fun, treat people fairly, and appreciate them…

Thank you for reading!
Jay Wallus

A few words from some of my customers

“Jay, I have always prided myself on my passion for customer service, no matter the size of the client and you gave me a serious run for my money buddy! I am (currently) a very small cog, so to speak and you made me feel as important as if I was your biggest client.”

“Jay, I just got back and saw that you brought a few buckets from Ritchies in Everett – my parents used to take us there as kids, How can I not meet with you?!”

“Jay I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the thank you note in the mail. In the digital world that we live in, it’s such a nice touch. Thank you again!”

“…we’re going to give you the business. You were the only person that actually drove out to see us AND you were referred by our neighbor who said great things about you…”

“Jay, thank you for the Boston Globe copy of that wonderful day in 2004 when the Red Sox put and end to our 80 years of suffering – what a great thought. Thank you!”

“Jay, just got your “even when I’m on vacation, I’m here to help” card! Where are you guys? It looks like a great beach – enjoy my friend!”

“ ….those were the best brownies I ever had”